What We Do

Whether a renovation or new construction and across the budget spectrum, Bidgood takes the time and care to get to know you and truly tailor the design to suit your unique requirements, lifestyle and taste.

Our design process is research-heavy with a deep discovery stage that lets us unlock your style and open up a world of possibilities. This approach pays dividends by ensuring our spaces are unique and meaningful, rather than imposing an ill-fit design aesthetic.

While every outcome is different, our work has a common thread: unpretentious, utterly enjoyable design anchored in a thoughtful, tactile experience. We are adept at achieving creative expression within boundaries, whatever they may be.

A simple, integrated process


Programming and Schematic Design

• Project kick-off, research and discovery
• Space programming and area calculations
• Site analysis including bylaw and building code restrictions
• Floor plan and base building analysis
• Create schematic floor plans
• Mood boards and concept direction
• High-level construction budgeting
• Schematic Design Presentation


Concept and Design Development

• Finalize concept and design direction
• Develop Floor and ceiling plans
• Source and select finishes, fixtures, equipment, and hardware
• 2D and 3D visualizations
• Collaborate with other licensed professionals in the areas of architecture, mechanical electrical and structural engineering as required
• Design Development Presentation(s)


Pricing Package

• Prepare pricing drawings, including: demolition plans, floor plans, interior door schedules, interior elevations, electrical mark-up and reflected ceiling plans, and millwork drawings, to a 80-90% level of detail
• Prepare schedules for finishes, fixtures, equipment and hardware
• Liaise with contractor throughout bidding process
• Cost engineering as required


Construction Documents

• Prepare construction drawings, including: demolition plans, floor plans, interior door schedules, interior elevations, electrical mark-up and reflected ceiling plans, millwork drawings, millwork sections, and details to a 100% level of detail
• Finalize schedules for finishes, fixtures equipment and hardware
• Accommodate any cost engineering efforts in drawing package


Furniture, Artwork and Accessories

• Inventory items to be reused
• Furniture layouts and budgeting
• Curation of new furnishings, artwork, and accessories to complement design
• Prepare purchase orders
• Arrange delivery and installation of furnishings on site


Construction Administration

• Attend site visits to review progress on site
• Review shop drawings and submittals
• Respond to queries and provide supplemental information throughout construction phase
• Conduct deficiency walkthrough

A proven approach

Good design takes time to create, document and procure; for Bidgood, a holistic process is key to creating a meaningful and impactful space.

We are methodical in our approach, rooting every project in a thoughtfully developed concept and ensuring every decision and selection strengthens the founding vision. We avoid short-term trends by only aligning details with this concept. We embody the end user in a personal and profound way to ensure our spaces have depth and longevity. Each project follows the same methodology to ensure a tailor made, perfect reflection of the user is achieved, no matter the project size.

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